Le 1000 (déclinaison)




In case of an emergency situation, dial 514 395-1010.
Then, dial 9-1-1.

It is important to first contact Le 1000's security team to facilitate the access within the building for emergency crews. Emergency situations include a fire, bomb scare, medical emergency, suspicious individual, and so on. For complete details on Le 1000's security measures, please consult the emergency procedures manual issued by the Security Coordinator.

Tenant Services Centre

Phone: 514 395-1008
Fax: 514 861-9602
Email: Service.1000@ivanhoecambridge.com

Property Management Office

Ivanhoé Cambridge

Phone: 514 395-1000
Fax: 514 395-1005
Email: Info.Le1000@ivanhoecambridge.com

Catherine Schraenen

Property Manager
Phone: 514 395-1000
Email: Catherine.Schraenen@ivanhoecambridge.com

Louise Lefrançois

Property Administrator
Phone: 514 395-4801
Email: Louise.Lefrancois@ivanhoecambridge.com


Centre CDP Capital
1001 Square-Victoria St. suite C-200
Montreal, Quebec H2Z 2B1

Maintenance Services & Customer Services

Marie-Alexia Meyer
Customer Service Administrator
Phone: 514 395-4823
Email: Marie-Alexia.Meyer@ivanhoecambridge.com


Indigo, Parking Supervisor 
Téléphone: 514 395-4821


Martin Rivet
Security Coordinator
Phone: 514 395-1009
Email: Martin.Rivet@ivanhoecambridge.com

Technical Services

Sylvain Duprey
Operation Manager
Phone: 514 395-4822
Email: Sylvain.Duprey@ivanhoecambridge.com


Childcare Centre

Le 1000 Pattes
Phone: 514 393-3939
1000 De La Gauchetière Street West
Suite B-19
Montreal (Quebec) H3B 2S2

Conference Centre

Centre de conférences Le 1000
Information and reservation
Téléphone: 514 395-4800
Email: Conferences.Le1000@ivanhoecambridge.com

Skating Rink

Atrium Le 1000
Information and reservation
Phone: 514 395-4846
Email: Atrium.Le1000@ivanhoecambridge.com