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Eco-Responsible Events

Eco-responsible Events

Throughout the planning of your event,
we'll facilitate the integration of eco-responsible actions. 

Organizing a green event means integrating the principles of sustainable development at every level of the organization process. These actions are aimed to reduce the negative impacts on the environment through the reduction of generated waste, the emission of greenhouse gases and the consumption of natural resources. This approach encourages positive repercussions with the selection of local or fair-trade businesses, socially integrated businesses and by the activity’s accessibility to students and NPOs.

In 2010, the Bureau de normalisation du Québec in partnership with the Conseil québécois des évènements écoresponsables, has developed in accordance with the international ISO rules, the Standard BNQ 9700-253 on Sustainable Development – Responsible Event Management. This reference document defines the requirements to establishing proper sustainable practices in the event management industry.

The standard's 5 event categories

  1. Choice of supplier;
  2. Material, energy and water source management;
  3. Residual material management;
  4. Choice of food products;
  5. Means of transportation.

View the Conference Centre’s detailed assessment issued by the Bureau de normalization du Québec (BNQ): BNQ Requirements.

BNQ Standard Certification

The Conference Centre has obtained a Level 2 certification which defines us as being geared towards the planning and execution of tangible methods, evolutionary actions and sustainable development intervention evaluations.


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