Le 1000 (déclinaison)



April 17 2014

To continue its sustainability efforts by implementing a recuperation program for electronic devices, Le 1000 is proud to announce the installation of an Electrobac bin that will allow you to recycle your out-dated or non-functional electronics. Electronic devices collected in the bin will be either refurbished or recycled and all data contained on the devices will be permanently erased. You can find the bins on the main floor of the building in front of the doors leading to the AMT's Terminus centre-ville as well as in the entrance to the corridor leading to the Bonaventure Tunnel.

January 06 2014

Stop Motion is a kinetic installation which uses changes in lighting and in perspectives to play with the architecture, essentially producing a moving sculpture. Located at the heart of Le 1000's entrance lobby, where commuters and light converge, this installation features reflecting plates cascading from the sky to freeze into a constellation of intriguing objects once they reach the ground.