Le 1000 (déclinaison)

Security & Access Control

Security and Access Control


In case of an emergency situation, dial 514 395-1010.
Then, dial 9-1-1.

It is important to first contact Le 1000's security team to facilitate the access within the building for emergency crews. Emergency situations include a fire, bomb scare, medical emergency, suspicious individual, and so on. For complete details on Le 1000's security measures, please consult the emergency procedures manual issued by the Security Coordinator.

Security Services

During building hours:

  • Security rounds of common areas;
  • Electronic surveillance;
  • Fire extinguisher inspections;
  • Building access control (passes);
  • Floor leader training.

Outside building hours:

  • Tenants and their employees are required to use their access passes when entering or leaving the building Monday to Friday between 6:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m., and at all times during weekends and statutory holidays;
  • Visitors and tenants without an access pass must notify the Reception Desk or call 514-395-1008;
  • A parking escort service is available for the 1000 De La Gauchetière indoor parking facility. Call us at 514-395-1000.


It is forbidden to carry out any solicitation activity inside the building, whether during or outside business hours. If you spot a peddler, please contact us at 514 395-1000 and provide as much information as possible. The peddler will be quickly escorted outside the building by a security guard.

Access Control System

The building is equipped with an access control system requiring a magnetic stripe access card. To make changes to a card (new employee, name change, access cancellation following an employee’s departure, etc.) or to obtain information on access cards, please contact us at 514 395-1000.

If the space you lease is equipped with door locks, it is imperative that you notify us at 514 395-1000, prior to changing these.

* It is important for your building’s Security Department to have a copy of the new key for emergency purposes.
** Should you decide to change the type of lock during the lease period, you must reinstall the original lock at the end of your lease at your expense.