Le 1000 (déclinaison)

Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

Le 1000 believes in the importance of sustainable development and responsible operations. The management team is committed to consider the environmental principles in their daily decisions and actions. With its policy on sustainability, Le 1000 encourages its tenants to apply the best environmental practices to their activities.

Environmental Practices

Energy Consumption Reduction Programs

Energy efficiency represents a constant challenge for Le 1000. Each year, we strive to reduce energy consumption without compromising tenant comfort. An innovative energy management plan was developed and implemented in association with Engie. Small actions have big impacts, such as:

  • Motion detectors in bathrooms;
  • Added heat recuperators;
  • Replacement of the automation systems;
  • CVC system decline at night and sweeo lighting.

Furthermore, Le 1000 is proud to take part in Earth Hour every year. As most of its exterior lights are switched off, the highest building in Montreal disappears for a few minutes from the city's urban skyline to support the cause.

Hazardous Material Management and Fluorescent Lamps

The use of hazardous materials is minimal at Le 1000. 

Otherwise, Le 1000 is amongst few properties to offer a recovery service for fluorescent tubes on site.

Water Consumption Reduction
To reduce the quantity of water used in the building, most of the faucets were replaced by models with motion detector. Since the installation of the automatic valves throughout the tower as well as the conference and fitness centres, the water consumption has decreased over the past few years.

Efforts are underway to install a general water meter. Several sub-meters are already in place allowing us to monitor the equipment's water consumption.

Le 1000 also has an ecological car wash located in its parking garage (P1).

Alternative Commuting

Different transportation solutions are offered to our tenants. Amongst others, 4 charging stations are available in the P1 parking level, 52 parking spaces for bycicles are available in the P2 parking level and Communauto vehicles are located within the parking garage.

In addition, Le 1000 provides BIXI multi-user keys to its tenants, for free!

Waste Management

The environment can always use a helping hand which is why Le 1000's tenants actively take part in the many recycling programs in effect throughout the building.


All types of paper are accepted for recycling. On weeknights, our cleaning staff collects boxes and recycled objects from bins located in each of our tenant's office. 

249.76 t. paper and 48.85 t cardboard/year


We recycle most plastic containers (except those labeled with the plastic recycling symbol #6), glass and metal (aluminum) are recycled at Le 1000. Bins identified for recycling purposes are located in our tenant's kitchenettes and conference rooms, as well as in the building's common areas.

4 t. of plastic, glass and metal/year


Electronic equipment recycling bins are located at the loading dock level (P2). The following items are accepted:

The following electronic items are accepted:

  • Amplifier
  • Cable
  • Cellular phone
  • Charger
  • Fax machine
  • Household battery (rechargeable and non-rechargeable)
  • Phone
  • Projector
  • Remote control
  • Scanner
  • Television
  • Video recorder

Also, battery recycling boxes can be distributed to tenants upon request.


Since the past years, recycling cages for computer equipment have been made available at the loading dock level (P2). 

The following computer items can be recovered:

  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Printer
  • Server


A recycling program for writing instruments was established in 2013. In collaboration with Ivanhoé Cambridge and Terracycle, these items are recovered and the funds are donated to the Foundation immoblilière de Montréal pour les jeunes.

In addition, Le 1000 invites its tenants to recycle items such as desks, tables, lamps, and other office materials.


Le 1000 is proud to compost coffee and papers for all its tenants, as well as the food court's putrescible waste.

Communication Plateform

Le 1000 launches communication and promotional campaigns for each of its new initiative. 

In addtition, each initiative is announced in various mediums throughout the property:

  • Email messages;
  • Announcements on the multimedia screens;
  • Promotional banners;
  • Kiosks.

Certifications and Recognitions

Le 1000's property management team is proud to have received multiple awards testifying its diligent efforts in meeting its tenants' expectations with excellence.

Boma BEST - Platinum


We proudly announce that Le 1000 has earned BOMA BEST® Platinum certification, the highest level of recognition offered by the program. During the awards ceremony,34 buildings in Quebec were recognized, and Le 1000was one of just two receiving the Platinum certification.

BOMA BEST® certification promotes best environmental practices and performance in commercial buildings with respect to energy, water, waste, site, emissions, indoor environment and environmental management.

Congratulations to all Le 1000 clients, suppliers and employees who contributed to this outstanding achievement.

LEED Silver


In 2016, Le 1000  has received a LEED Silver certification for Existing Buildings: operation and maintenance (EB: O&M) by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC).

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a North American rating system for commercial buildings and homes that aims to promote sustainable construction methods, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, water consumption, heating, use of materials locally sourced and reuse of surplus.

2015 Leaders sustainable transportation


Le 1000 De La Gauchetière, was awarded the prize in 2015 Leaders sustainable transportation for all measures to promote sustainable transport set up by its properties in Montreal.

"This award recognizes our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of our activities," stated Christine Babkine, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, on behalf of all the Montreal properties. "We are very proud of the measures we are implementing to reduce the use of resources and increase our employees' well-being."

Among the initiatives that have helped us stand out are the access to car-sharing (Communauto and car2go) and bike-sharing (Bixi) services, installation of more than 4 charging stations for electric vehicles, the presence of bicycle stands, improvement of the videoconferencing system – both in meeting rooms and directly at some employees' work stations – and, the fact that all our Quebec properties are situated within 500 metres of public transit.

Energia Award


The Energia Award rewards the overall integrated energy management and the results of ongoing commissioning and commitments in the energy performance guarantee without investment.

The award was presented by AQME (l’Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l’énergie).




The level "Implementation" wishes to recognize the efforts of institutions that have previously implemented reduction measures and reuse, recycling and recovery of waste materials covered by the Policy. In addition, institutions must have performed information and awareness activities on waste management within their institution. Also, they will be invited to optimize performance at the end of the first year of implementation.

BOMA 2015


The Building of the Year Award rewards a commercial real estate star that shows excellent management practices, offers quality infrastructure, conserves resources and is ecologically conscious. The title is the North American industry's most prestigious recognition.

The Environment Award aims to increase awareness of the role that we all play in environmental matters and to highlight the importance of related management and communication approaches. This award is presented to the property that stands out for its improved environmental performance.

BOMA 360


The prestigious BOMA 360 designation means that our building meets or exceeds the industry's best practices and offers its tenants exceptional service. In this way, Le 1000 De La Gauchetière joins a select group of properties that have demonstrated that they are managed according to the highest standards. Our office building is the first in Quebec to receive this certification.

The BOMA 360 Performance Program, sponsored by BOMA International, evaluates properties against industry best practices in six areas:

Building operations and management 
Safety, security and risk management
Training and education 
Environment and sustainability 
Tenant relations and community involvement


2010 / Provincial

Le 1000  has received a LEED certification for Existing Buildings by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 2010.

Le 1000 De La Gauchetière managed to get the certification level of OM (Operation and Maintenance) which recognizes exemplary environmental performance of the building in terms of operation and maintenance. Le 1000 De La Gauchetière became the second building in Canada to be certified LEED EB OM, while also having the largest square footage.

To qualify for this prestigious recognition, the property management team submitted to the USGBC a complete document on the building's environmental performance detailing several aspects such as its incentives for sustainable transportation, waste management, specialty product purchases and air quality.

Le 1000's candidacy stood out thanks to its capacity in providing natural lighting to the majority of its occupants, its high performance in material management, its recycling programs for cimputer equipment and its communication plan to sensitize its occupants.

Our commitment to the LEED procedures also confirmed the low water consumption for the water towers' maintenance, and engaged us to obtain a general water meter complex that will allow us to pecisely monitor the building's water consumption activities.


2013 / National

This certification, which is very difficult to obtain, was formalized durin the Boma Gala which was held on May 30, 2013.

BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association), is an association of commercial property owners and managers.

BOMA-BESt (Building Environmental Standards) is the Canadian industry standard for commercial building sustainability certification. Independant auditors evaluate best practices achievements in environmental performance and management of existing buildings, including energy consumption, water consumption, recycling programs, hazardous waste management, material management and communication programs destined to tenants.

By reaching the level 4, the highest available, Le 1000 realizes objectives in becoming a leader within the industry for its recognized environmental practices and consciousness.