Patiner (déclinaison)


Skating Rink Rules

Failure to observe these rules could lead to an expulsion without refund and/or the cancellation of a pass. 

Please take note that boots, strollers and sleighs are not permitted on the ice surface. Every skater must wear skates and stand on their own feet, even children.


Please respect the following restrictions...
  • Eating and drinking on the ice.
  • Bringing personal effects on the ice, along the sideboards and rest area.
  • Holding a person in your arms on the ice.
  • Using handheld devices.
  • Playing games similar to tag, racing and hide-and-seek.
  • Throwing snow.
Insctructions to follow...
  • Maintain a reasonable skating speed.
  • Keep the entrance and exit areas to the skating rink free at all times.
  • Use the rest area to make any adjustment to your skates and the lockers to store your personal effects.
  • Stay off the skating rink while the Zamboni is in operation and access doors are closed.
  • If sufficient space is available, execute figure skating moves at the center of the rink.
  • Appropriate and safe clothing is mandatory for all skaters. The Atrium Le 1000 has the right to refuse access to any skater who is not dressed accordingly. For example: a piece of clothing which is either too long or too baggy is considered unsafe.
  • All hand-held devices (Cameras, smartphones and mp3 players) are not recommended for use while on the skating rink. For your security and the security of other skaters, we reserve the right to restrict usage of these devices at any time.
  • Easyskaters are reserved for children and their number is limited.
  • All directions given by the Atrium personnel must be respected at all times.
  • Abusive, offensive or foul language will not be tolerated.