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Accredited caterers

Accredited Caterers
Our selection for your catering service

A devotion that transcends into the details; these selected caterers are familiar with our environment and will assuredly contribute to your event’s success.

Maître et Chef Traiteurs

A guarantee for success in planning your next event.

Planning an event in minute detail is the key to its success, and this includes revitalized gastronomic cuisine, attentive service, and the art of setting a table—all of which is no secret for a team with diverse skills. Entertaining is an art and with over 20 years of experience, Maître & Chef Traiteurs continually demonstrates its know-how.

Chantal Turmel

Francis Beaulieu Traiteur

Our philosophy, defined by the passion of a craft.

The catering craft is primarily an art, a skill. In constant evolution, this art is also known as gastronomy. Being so vast and subjective, it requires a constant search of flavors to ensure that each event is unique. Let us guide, advise and entice you with our original creations. They will highlight your business lunch and events. Our team of specialists create synergy through their talent to dazzle your guests, surprise and lift their senses and emotions.

Jérôme Bouquin

Dansereau Traiteur

The true classic, true quality forever.

Being contemporary means drawing on the best culinary influences, offering original and meticulous presentations, seeking and working the different textures, colours and flavours that accompany the theme, all to create the ambiance and the magic of the event!

Jean-Pierre Trudeau

La Brigade Volante

Enthusiasts in innovative culinary blending

This excellent team provides catering services for your modest and large occasions. Passionately inspired by local and multi-ethnic flavors while adapting them to traditional and modern recipes, La Brigante Volante will surely satisfy your taste buds with their custom service. 

La Brigade Volante : accredited caterer at Le 1000 De La Gauchetière
Catherine Fraser
514 564-3900

Les Affamés

Gourmet gourmets

Les Affamés offer you a friendly and tailor-made experience: a selection of fresch market products, stylish dishes and a very personal service.

Félix Rondeau