Patiner (déclinaison)

Modalities and Rates

Modalities and Rates

Here are a few important notes 
regarding group reservations:

  • Group fees are applicable when a reservation includes a minimum of 15 people.
  • A free admission is provided to each chaperone watching over a group of 15 skaters.
  • A secure space is reserved for the storing of your skaters’ personal effects.
  • The group reservations have a maximum duration of 3 hours.
  • The Zamboni will resurface the ice every 90 minutes, or according to the quality of the ice, considering the traffic.


Admission (Group Rates)

General 6,50 $
(12 and under)
4,00 $
(with ID card)
5,50 $


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Additional Services (Group Rates)

Skate Rental 5,00 $
Helmet Rental 1,00 $
Skate Sharpening 7,00 $
Skate Guard 8,00 $
Locker Rental 3,00 $
Parking 6,00 $


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